Greenhouse Tavern

Greenhouse Tavern



Cleveland, Ohio

4,200 sf


The Greenhouse Tavern, located in an existing historical building on E.4th Street in downtown Cleveland. The restaurant is based on the “farm to plate” movement as well as simplicity and approachability. These overall principles informed design decisions throughout the process. The owner’s worked with The Green Restaurant Association to become the first certified green restaurant in Ohio by this organization.


The existing space was a cavernous volume 75 feet long, 23 feet wide, and 18 feet high with little day light or energy. New elements were inserted within the volume, creating a place that feels comfortable and familiar.


Inserted within this volume are two mezzanines. The existing west mezzanine was expanded into the space to allow for additional dining and to provide a place for private dining parties. Historical railings were removed and reinstalled.


The east mezzanine is new and is located within an enclosed area above the storefront and is accessed by a new stair which also continues to the roof where a greenhouse and rooftop dining is located. This new mezzanine provides views to the street below through the newly inserted window that extends from floor level to 30” above the floor.


The interior consists of the first floor bar and dining, 2 dining mezzanines, and a lower level which houses dining, a display kitchen and service functions.


The interior has a hand-crafted, sculpted quality to the space.


The only visible façade is the east; the south, north, and west facades are bound by adjacent buildings. The east façade had to be maintained due to the owner’s desire to maintain the historical qualities of the building and for historical tax credit requirements. The existing decorative veneer stone and the existing storefront were repaired and cleaned. A former sign band was removed and replaced with a horizontal window which extends across the entire façade of the building and aligns with the new interior dining mezzanine.


The project is extremely successful is meeting the goals and objectives set forth from its conception: simplicity and approachability, environmentally conscious and green business practices. The next phase, the rooftop greenhouse and rooftop dining, will complete the project goals and provide a unique dining experience in downtown Cleveland.