Eaton Learning & Technology Center

Eaton Corporation Learning & Technology Center


Cleveland, Ohio

74,000 sf


The execution of the Eaton Corporation Learning and Technology Center Project involved revitalizing an existing manufacturing center into a regional conference center and corporate university.  The renovation of the 74,000 square foot manufacturing center took place in three phases.  The first phase involved the replacement of the exterior window system.  The second phase was the renovation to 24,000 square feet of existing office space.  Phase three involved the transformation of a 46,000 square foot industrial space into the Learning and Technology Center.


A new language is established immediately upon arrival. Beginning with a new approach and entry plaza, a rich layering of space, forms, materials, and solids and voids, the renovation redefines the existing structures with contemporary materials and a new spatial composition. The layering of new materials on both the exterior façade and interior spaces allows for glimpses of the buildings former use. Metal panels and glass are purposely applied over the existing masonry envelope.  Ceilings are rendered as floating planes to make the industrial structure apparent.


Conceived as spaces within spaces, the training center modulates the voluminous cavity of the existing building through the insertion of a series of elements. Boxes are inserted within the larger volume, clearly defined through their scale, form, material, and color. Through the use of form and color, the perimeter training rooms are rendered as 14’ tall boxes inserted within the larger 24’ volume of the Hub. Natural light is brought into this central space through expanses of clerestory windows, a light shelf over perimeter conference rooms, and penetrating skylights. The use of varied textures, materials, and colors enhance design features, stimulate end users, and reinforce the interaction of layered spaces.


An unused and outdated building was transformed from a liability to an asset. This was achieved by realizing in this project Eaton Corporation’s vision and commitment to being a leader in its industry.The resulting solution provides an inspiring, uplifting environment that facilitates the empowerment of people to achieve their goal of life-long learning.


Award of Merit 2006

Cleveland Chapter of the American Institute of Architects


Award of Merit 2004

International Interior Design Association

Cleveland/Akron Design Awards