Continental Heritage Insurance Company

Continental Heritage Insurance Company

Insurance Company

Orange Village, Ohio

11,000 square feet

A collaboration with Loomis Companies, we created new office space for a specialty insurance company located on the fourth floor of a new office building. Our charge was to provide a space that was reflective of the company's core values; bold, contemporary, open minded and forward thinking. A solution was developed that responds to the building constraints and salient qualities as well as reflecting the company's values.

A visually open office environment was achieved through the use of a planning strategy that provides open zones at the perimeter and the use of interior glass at the perimeter offices and interior rooms allowing abundant daylight and views out of the building. Materials were chosen that provide a textural balance to the space: neutral wood flooring, wood clad walls which counter the glazed interior windows, painted walls with simple accents, and a mix of lighting that reinforce the space.