Cleveland State University Men's Locker Room Renovation

Cleveland State University


Men's Locker Room Renovation

Physical Education Building

Cleveland, Ohio 


7,000 square feet


Cleveland State University is committed to providing their students with the most current, up-to-date facilities and resources they need for their education. These facilities are instrumental in attracting and retaining students. The existing physical education men’s locker room, which is used by CSU students and visiting students, did not reflect this goal. It was a typical early 1970’s utilitarian locker room that showed 30 years of abuse and neglect. The goal was to develop a renovated facility that was clean, contemporary, safe, and easy to maintain yet provide an uplifting space that reflected University goals.


Working with the university architect, the end-users, and a pre-established schedule and budget, a comprehensive project plan was created. Products and materials were selected based on their design qualities, availability, low maintenance characteristics, and durability.


This dramatic renovation project divided the existing space into smaller locker rooms and updated showers and bathroom including new lockers.  Existing plumbing and mechanical systems were upgraded and integrated into the project.  The inherent qualities of the space, bays defined by concrete columns and beams, were reinforced through the use of materials, lighting, and details.