About Our Studio

As an award winning, full service architectural firm, we are known for providing innovative and technically correct design solutions that consistently meet or exceed our clients expectations. 


Our design philosophy is rooted in appropriateness.  If the solution isn’t appropriate for the client’s needs, budget, image and future, then can it ever be said the solution was successful?  The environment should be a reflection of the organization’s culture, a unique statement of who it is and what it represents. Our solutions emerge from an in-depth programming process by which we come to know our client’s unique needs and objectives.


The overriding objective in all projects is to create environments that enrich the lives of individuals and improve the bottom-line of organizations.


Creating Environments That Make A Difference

Ed Erbach AIA
Ed has over 40 years experience in the field of architecture and interior design.His career has encompassed a broad range of architectural building types with a consistent focus on the design and realization of interior space. Ed holds a firm belief that the design of the interior environment is where architecture can be most effective in supporting and enhancing the quality of life for individuals as well as the effectiveness of organizations.
John C. Waddell AIA
In 30+ years of professional practice, John has lead the design of complex projects in a wide range of building types from interior offices to large scale industrial projects. During his career, John has become respected within the design community for his ability to provide leadership and work within the team environment. In addition to practicing architecture, John is actively involved with various community, civic and professional organizations.
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